What About Those Who Have Never Heard?

Can those who haven't heard of Jesus be saved? Discover the answer in this episode as we explore Paul's argument in Romans 1 and 2.
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What About Those Who Have Never Heard?

In the previous episode, the discussion centered around Jesus as the only way to God. It emphasized that humanity has a sin problem that separates us from God. God sent Jesus to address this issue. Only Jesus, through His death and resurrection, can fix this sin problem and establish a relationship between individuals and their heavenly Father.

The question arises about those who have never heard of Jesus. Can they be saved or have a relationship with God? Scripture suggests that someone who has not heard of Jesus can have a relationship with God and find salvation.

In the book of Romans, particularly chapters one and two, Paul demonstrates the universal need for Jesus Christ. He highlights the lost state of both the Gentile and Jewish worlds. In the case of the Gentile world, Paul explains that they could recognize the existence of God through creation but chose to reject belief in favor of their own created gods. As a result, they drifted away from God.

While it is theoretically possible for those who have not heard of Jesus to have a relationship with God and be saved, individuals should know about Jesus and accept Him as the way to God. Faith in Jesus is the more certain way.

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