The Transfiguration of Jesus

COC Radio Broadcast
COC Radio Broadcast
The Transfiguration of Jesus

“The Transfiguration of Jesus” begins with a conversation between Jesus and his disciples. The Lord revealed that some of them would witness the kingdom of God in their lifetime.

Later, he led Peter, James, and John up a high mountain where he was transfigured, his clothes becoming intensely white. Moses and Elijah appeared and conversed with Jesus. Overwhelmed, Peter suggested erecting tents for each of them. Suddenly, a cloud overshadowed them, and a voice declared Jesus as God’s beloved son. When the cloud lifted, only Jesus remained. As they descended, the disciples were explicitly told not to reveal the transfiguration of Jesus until after His resurrection.

They were left pondering the meaning of resurrection and the prophecy about Elijah’s return. Jesus confirmed that Elijah did come first to restore all things and that the Son of Man would suffer greatly, hinting that Elijah’s return had already occurred.

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