The Power of Faith and the Struggle of Unbelief

COC Radio Broadcast
COC Radio Broadcast
The Power of Faith and the Struggle of Unbelief

In “The Power of Faith and the Struggle of Unbelief,” a man brought his son to Jesus’ disciples. An unclean spirit possessed the boy. The disciples couldn’t cast the spirit out, so the man asked Jesus for help. Jesus rebuked the spirit, and it left the boy, making him appear dead until Jesus helped him up.

Later, the disciples asked why they couldn’t cast out the spirit. Jesus said only prayer could drive out the demon. Jesus then taught the disciples about his future death and resurrection, but they didn’t understand.

They also argued about who was the greatest among them. Jesus said the greatest must be the servant of all, and whoever welcomes a child in his name welcomes him.

John told Jesus they saw someone casting out demons in Jesus’ name and tried to stop him, but Jesus said not to stop him, as anyone doing good in his name won’t speak evil of him.

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