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March 26, 2020 / / Salvation
March 26, 2020 / / Jesus Christ
September 24, 2014 / / Worship

Take a moment to think about what defined the culture of the Greeks for hundreds of years. It shouldn’t be an excruciating moment of pondering. You might think about yogurt. That’s good thinking, but a bit too modern. You might think about lots of national debt. That’s true, too, but, again, a bit modern. You might even think about their myriad games that they loved. This, even more, is true and good; however, there is another topic that more inclusively encapsulates their culture. 

June 11, 2012 / / Church

Not too many years ago, while walking through a college campus, I saw a group of individuals holding up placards encouraging individuals to, “Love Christ, not the Church.” The church is seen as unforgiving, unloving, and un-Christlike. Scandals reverberate through various organizations claiming to be the church. Venomous words of hatred spew out of those claiming to speak in the name of Christ. It is understandable why many would be skeptical of those who claim to be the church. Consider a few passages of scripture which detail God’s design for the church, God’s feelings towards the church, and our responsibilities to the church.

October 14, 2010 / / Worship

Americans love convenience.  From microwaves to pizza delivery, from cell phones to high-speed Internet, from drive-through funeral viewings to drive-in churches, Americans make no bones about their love of convenience.  And convenience is certainly nice (in its place).  After all, who isn’t glad to be free from the time-consuming, back-breaking drudgery of doing things the old-fashioned way? (The good old days weren’t necessarily the good old days.  Just ask those who lived during them!)  Who doesn’t enjoy having more free time in each day?  Who doesn’t like to be able to get information when and where he wants it?  Convenience is nice. But some things just aren’t convenient.  And to make them so is to make them into something they’re not.