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Under the Old Law, God expected the Israelites to tithe up to three times a year. Christ mentions tithing in a few places, but early Christians did not incorporate the practice of a tithe. Instead of a tithe, early Christians gave based on their own discretion. The church used the funds to support Christian widows, the poor, gospel preachers, Christian prisoners, and those affected by calamities.

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First century Christians approached their worship of God in ways that differ from modern churches, including their use of a cappella music.

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Take a moment to think about what defined the culture of the Greeks for hundreds of years. It shouldn’t be an excruciating moment of pondering. You might think about yogurt. That’s good thinking, but a bit too modern. You might think about lots of national debt. That’s true, too, but, again, a bit modern. You might even think about their myriad games that they loved. This, even more, is true and good; however, there is another topic that more inclusively encapsulates their culture.