What is the Purpose of the Church?

The Gospel Saves Podcast
The Gospel Saves Podcast
What is the Purpose of the Church?

What is the purpose of the church? Some people don’t see a need for “organized religion” and have abandoned attending church. They believe in God and His Son, Jesus Christ. But they see little need to associate themselves with a church.

The Bible presents a different view – it shows the church fulfilling several vital purposes in the life of a disciple. The book of Ephesians answers, “What is the purpose of the church?”

  1. The church glorifies God through good works.
  2. The church worships God spiritually.
  3. The church strengthens our fellow Christians.
  4. The church upholds the truth
  5. The church preaches the gospel to the lost.

All of these play an important role in the spiritual health of a disciple.

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