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Though our various responses to death may lead to different ways we choose to live, there is one response to death we all share: we all, at one point or another, fear death to some degree. The Greek philosopher Epicurus attempted to dismiss death: “Death does not concern us, because as long as we exist, death is not here. And once it does come, we no longer exist.” While some attempt — and may well accomplish — to put on a brave face, all of us share a fear of death, even those who do not believe in God. Greg Epstein, a humanist, wrote, “For a Humanist, the mourning process begins with accepting that death is real and final and that, with apologies to Epicurus, we fear it. Our fear of death is not only normal, and not to be dismissed, it is part of the motivation we feel to live a good life now, while we still have time.” The bottom line is our will to live is strong and our fear of death is very real.

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1. What is the origin of the universe?  The current consensus of Science is that the entire cosmos (including time and space) came into existence at a precise point in the past.  All of our observations, equations, and physical laws testify to this point.  Given this troubling possibility that the universe may indeed have a finite beginning, consideration must be given to these questions: “Why is there something rather than nothing?” and “Where did it all come from?”  If the cause of creation was not God, what was it?