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August 31, 2011 / / Church

I grew up in what would be considered as an evangelical church by men’s reasoning.  We attended as often as the doors were opened.  At age 12 I prayed what they called the “Sinner’s Prayer” and I was convinced I was “saved” at that point.  I then was baptized many months later when they had a number of others ready for baptism.  I was baptized into the evangelical congregation as a “sign of my salvation”.  I was completely pleased with my spiritual life for several years.  However that changed. In 1978 I met a nice young lady whom I wanted to get to know better.  (As a side note we married 1 year later and I have been blessed by her these past 32 years.)  I was plainly told by her parents that IF I wanted to be with her on Sundays I had to attend church assemblies, for that was where she would be.  I wanted to be with her, so I attended the assemblies of the Pond Creek church of Christ.  At first I was more concerned with her than I was with the church.